Freshwater Fishing Techniques

 As we begin our departure from winter and progression into spring the warming water temperatures tend to increase fish activity. This is a good thing! Warmer water is preferred by the cold blooded fish to aid them in digestion of food and spawning. Better digestion means eating more and usually larger prey.   Before we get … Read more

Freshwater fishing basics. Learning the fundamentals.

While fishing may not be for everyone I can honestly say I don’t know of a single person that has been on a fishing trip, caught fish, and DIDN’T have a blast.  However, every fishing excursion unfortunately will not end up with that outcome. You can increase your chances though, by studying some freshwater fishing … Read more

About Eric

Welcome to my website! I hope you find the content and links helpful with your fishing adventures! Whether you’re trying to get begin a new hobby or have been an avid fisher for years, I hope you can gather something from this site. I’ll fully admit, I’m no expert and usually end up with as … Read more